350Z/370Z 2019 Tab A 10.1" Upgrade Kit

350Z/370Z 2019 Tab A 10.1" Upgrade Kit

Tools Needed: A "red" Roberts (square) screwdriver and a Philips (+) Screwdriver

When you receive your 2019 Tab A 10.1" upgrade kit it should include the following:
  1. 2019 Tab A 10.1" Tablet Cradle
  2. USB-C Circuit Board
  3. USB-C Circuit Board Enclosure (Base + Lid)
  4. USB-C Right Angle Cable
  5. 4 x Screws

First step of installation is to disassemble the little inline box on your existing MK1.5 Electronics that houses the Micro-USB board that allows for charge and USB accessory.  It should be a little rectangle box that has the raised letters MK1.5 on it that has cables coming into it from both ends.

You will use a Philips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws securing the lid to the enclosure.  Once the lid is popped off you can carefully remove the circuit board from the enclosure by pulling up on both cables.  Once removed you will disconnect the Micro-USB cable coming from the MK1.5 Electronics. This cable will be re-used in the upgrade.

Now you're ready to assemble the new USB-C portion.  You will now take the newly provided USB-C board and plug the Micro-USB connector coming from the MK1.5 Electronics into the Micro-USB port of the new circuit board and also plug the straight end of the new USB-C right angle cable into the USB-C port of the circuit board.

The next step is to gently slide this new circuit board into the new USB-C housing provided with the upgrade kit.  One end of the housing has a smaller opening than the other.  The smaller opening (circled in red) is the end for the Micro-USB cable coming from the MK1.5 Electronics, and the larger opening is for the USB-C cable that will go to the tablet.

Last step is to secure the lid of the new housing with the provided 4 screws.  Also note that one tab on the lid is smaller than the other to match the different sized openings for the cables.

Now that your electronics are upgraded the last step is to swap out the older 2016 tablet cradle with the new 2019 cradle included in the kit.  Below you will find pictures of the 350Z and 370Z plastics outlining which screws need to be removed in order to swap the cradle.  Simply remove these screws and re-secure the magnet supports onto the new 2019 cradle in the exact same positions.  Once this process is finished your kit has been upgraded to support the 2019 Tab A 10.1".  Woo Hoo!

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