Joining the Software Beta Program

Joining the Software Beta Program

NOTE: To join the beta program please send us an email request to with your Google ID (email address) used for your Google Play account.

With each new software release we typically will start up a beta program for those brave of heart to join and try out new features and functionality to provide feedback.  Once we activate your email address in the beta program you will want to head over to our app listing in Google Play.

Once on the listing page you will scroll down until you find the Join the beta section.  Here you will click on the Join text and it will prompt you with a confirmation about joining the program.

After this is complete it will tell you that you might have to wait a bit while it processes the access.  Typically this is instant and you can simply go "back" out of the app listing and back in again. If you are having a hard time finding the app simply search for "brainiac launcher" and it will be one of the first options. 

Once confirmed you will know that you are part of the beta by scrolling down and seeing this section below.  At any time you can Leave the beta program to go back to a more stable version of the software.

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