Using an Amp and Subs with your MK1.7 Electronics

Using an Amp and Subs with your MK1.7 Electronics

We frequently receive questions around how to run an aftermarket amp with subwoofers alongside a Brainiac install.  Specifically when in use with our Electronics kit.  I figured this would be a good time to create an article that I can refer to for guidance on this type of configuration.  Generally speaking the installation is very similar to any aftermarket head unit install with a remote amp for subs.

You’ll need to get an audio signal to the amplifier running the subs, and an audio signal to the amplifier running your cabin speakers.  You’ll also need a remote amp signal wire to turn on the amp that powers your subwoofers.

When using a tablet in your installation it is slightly different than a traditional head unit.  Typically a head unit will have one or more RCA outputs to send signal out of the head unit to one or more external amplifiers.  In the case of the tablet there is a single RCA output coming from the 3.5mm headphone jack-to-RCA cable.  Because of this you will need to purchase 2 RCA splitters which will essentially turn your 2 RCAs into 4 RCAs.

You will then run one set of RCAs to the amp in our Electronics kit to power your cabin speakers, and the other set of RCAs to the amp powering your subwoofer.  The last piece of the puzzle is to connect the remote amp signal wire provided by our Electronics kit to send a “turn-on” signal to the remote subwoofer amplifier.

And that’s it!  You now have a remote amp for your subs :)

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