Workshop 12 Affiliate Program

Workshop 12 Affiliate Program

Last Updated Sep 1, 2020

NOTE: This program has not launched yet and may never be launched as we are evaluating options based on customer feedback.  Below you will find information about the upcoming Affiliate Program and opportunities to earn sales commissions.  If you are interested in the program please email us at

The upcoming Workshop 12 Affiliate Program is a way for community supporters, or dealers, to earn commissions by promoting the sale of Workshop 12 products.  This involves a program where individuals or businesses are provided a Discount Code that can be used by themselves on their own purchases (business or personal), or by providing it to others to be used during the checkout process on Workshop 12's storefront.

The Affiliate Program allows those interested in selling/promoting Workshop 12 products to do so without the need to maintain the overhead of inventory, and all manufacturing, logistics, technical support and shipping services are provided by Workshop 12.  

If you are a business who wishes to stock inventory of products you can simply use your own Discount Code for your business and have all product orders shipped to your business location instead of providing your Discount Code to individual customers.  In this scenario commissions on your business purchases would be paid out for the sales period in a similar fashion as a rebate program.

So How Does it Work?

To qualify for the Affiliate Program an individual, or business, first needs to purchase at least one of our vehicle plastics kits at full price (MK2 Vehicle Plastics + MK1.5 Electronics).  From there you are eligible to apply to be part of the program by emailing us at with your completed affiliate contract (see the bottom of this page).  Once registered you will receive a login to our affiliate portal where you can keep track of your monthly sales.  You will also be provided a Discount Code that will look something like MY-COOL-CODE.

This new Discount Code will instantly give your customers 5% off of any order they create using your code.  Any purchases made under your affiliate Discount Code will appear in your Workshop 12 console. Commissions will be paid out to you via PayPal on orders made using your Discount Code during the sales period IF certain sales thresholds are met which are outlined below in the commissions table.  

Commission Payout Schedule

Commissions will be paid out monthly within the first 15 days of the following calendar month sales period. For example, if you were to sign up on July 15th as an affiliate, then your commission thresholds would be based on the sales made using your Discount Code between July 15th and July 31st.  All commission thresholds are evaluated at the end of the calendar month.  In this example, commissions for sales meeting target thresholds would be paid out to the affiliate via PayPal on, or before, Aug 15th.  These total commission values will be displayed in your Workshop 12 console.

Commission Structure

Commissions are paid out based on total sales volumes made during the calendar month which have successfully shipped.  If you achieve certain sales thresholds, different amounts of commission percentages will be applied to your payout.  Monthly affiliate sales totals are based on USD values of product sales (which have successfully shipped during the period) less taxes, less shipping and less the 5% discount applied from your personal code. 

As an example, if someone used MY-COOL-CODE on a item purchase worth $100 - 5% discount + $5 tax + $20 shipping, then the total sales eligible for commission would be $95 and not the full amount of $125.  This eligible value is the purchased item value less the 5% discount provided by the Discount Code.  Please see our Shipping Lead Time and Shipping Policy for details on how quickly orders are typically manufactured and shipped from time of purchase.

Commission Thresholds
Commission Paid

Monthly Affiliate Shipped Sales: $500 - $1,899


Monthly Affiliate Shipped Sales: $1,900 - $3,799


Monthly Affiliate Shipped Sales: $3,800-$5,000

*If total monthly sales does not exceed $500 then no commissions are paid
*All monthly sales volumes reset to zero at the start of the next calendar month
*Maximum sales commission paid per month of $1,000 USD

Commission Claw-Backs... What are they?

Unfortunately there are times when a customer may end up cancelling their order.  If this cancellation occurs during the sales month, the order is simply removed from your total sales volume.  However, if a customer cancels an order after commissions have been paid, the commission amount previously paid out will be deducted from the current months sales commission. 

If the affiliate does not have enough volume in the current sales month to have the previously paid commissions "clawed back" then the outstanding balance will remain on the affiliates account.  If 2 sales periods have passed without the ability to claw back the previously paid commission, Workshop 12 will invoice the affiliate for the total claw back amount.

Affiliate Contract

To be part of the Workshop 12 Affiliate Program you will need to be at least 18 years old and complete the program contract (available upon official launch of the program) and submit it to us at  The Affiliate Program does not require any kind of membership fee and each affiliate is considered an independent contractor for Workshop 12 just like any other supplier or contractor who provides services to the corporation and in no way represents any form of employment.
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